Historically Roman Catholic dioceses demonstrate the message of love through charitable and developmental; initiatives for the underprivileged worldwide. The Krishnagar diocese is no exception to worldwide traditions. The diocese comprises of two districts, Nadia and Murshidabad in the Indian province of West Bengal.

 Krishnagar Cathedral Charitable Social Society (KCCSS) is a social welfare wing of the Catholic Diocese of Krishnagar, promotes developmental initiatives for people with diverse cast, creed, region, religion, and ethnicity.

Catholic diocese of Krishnagar through charitable activities makes obvious the message of love to the downtrodden through the distribution of food commodities, clothes, medicines etc. from the nineteenth century. The concept of charity meanwhile gave way to new found ideas of ‘liberation ‘in making the marginalized empowered and self-reliant.

The diocese and later on the organization, as the days passed by, were in a threshold of transformation from charity to the pristine ideas of empowerment. It was a time-tested decision to change the road map of developmental activities. The right based approaches started replacing the need-based approaches.

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Just call at (+91) 8145200089 and Mail us cckrishnagar@gmail.com /kccssdirector@gmail.com to make a donation

Our Vision

To transform our society with the values of Love and solidarity; Dignity and respect; Justice and equality.

Our Mission

Restoration of human dignity of the underprivileged and marginalized through a Process of education and empowerment.

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Upcoming Events

, Opening Ceremony of New Skill Development Center on 15th April 2024 at KCCSS, Krishnanagar, Nadia.

, Admission Going On : Hotel Management and Beautician Course. Contact Number:- 8145200089